The ED Shed

Coordination of a design-build effort from a $10,000 grant co-written with Dr. Sarah Durand of the LaGuardia Community College Natural Sciences Department. The Education Lab, known as "the ED Shed," functions as a mobile research unit for interdisciplinary student research projects focused on water quality and biology of the local tidal estuaries. The research lab is operated in partnership with the educational mission of the North Brooklyn Boat Club and the Newtown Creek Alliance in Greenpoint, NYC. The ED Shed is made possible by the generous support of the Hudson River Foundation's Newtown Creek Environmental Fund and the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund.

The reconstituted 20 ft shipping container has been transformed to allow the interior space to open out and expand the usable space for teaching, gathering, observing and working. 

For more information regarding environmental programs and community efforts, please visit the north brooklyn boat club. 

Images courtesy of the author and the North Brooklyn Boat Club. All rights reserved.