Master of Architecture Thesis

Our research hybridizes analog processes of wood bending with robotic fabrication with respect to emergence and fineness. The current architectural dialog regarding generative design and robotics is exploding with possibilities, revolutionizing our potential for specificity and accuracy. We are in pursuit of a novel process of technique and optimization which will allow a new paradigm of helical form making.

“The question then is how one manages or works within these diverse organizations and elements, not merely as an accumulation of the different but as multiplicities within an emergent organization such that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A proper manipulation and understanding of fineness is crucial to this pursuit.” (Reiser and Umemoto. Atlas of Novel Tectonics).

Please see my Thesis Blog for a look back at the process

2014-2015 University of Michigan Master of Architecture Thesis in collaboration with Jayme Van Oot. Advised by Assistant Professor Glenn Wilcox and FABLab Director Wes McGee. Thesis section participants/researchers: Rebecca Braun, John Larmor, Tim Sutherland, Safei Gu, Jiahui Wang, Mark Knutson, Grant Herron, Tyler Smith, Yinglin Wu and Drew Delle Bovi.