A wide selection of projects which incorporate multiple threads of fabrication processes with a multitude of materials, all created within the FABLab at the University of Michigan, Taubman College. All projects shown are products of many unique interdisciplinary teams, which I was fortunate to participate in, primarily as a designer/fabricator:

  • Marlene Imirzian Exhibition
  • Infundibuliforms: Cable Robot Actuated Kinetic Environments, 2015 Research Through Making with Wes McGee, Geoff Thun and Kathy Velikov. (Created the 4'x8' heated table for robotic extrusion and fabricated the steel ring weights)
  • Balance Bending, Robotic Gravity workshop
  • FABLab office (Design and build birch plywood office furniture)
  • Enigmatic Iconicity, Sam Xu's M.Arch Thesis project, 2014, University of Michigan. (MasterCAM file prep for 5-axis milling of EPS #2 foam)
  • Come Again Installation, La Placette, Lausanne, Switzerland. (3-axis CNC milling of MDF modules)
  • Electroform(alism) prototypes for AKOAKI. (3-axis CNC milling of curly maple and tooling board modules)
  • The Mothership, O.N.E. Mile, Detroit, MI. (Abrasive water jet cutting of aluminum panels and steel brackets)
  • MRacing team, University of Michigan. (3-axis CNC milling of tooling board used in form work for carbon fiber and fiberglass panels)
  • STAMPS, Reynold Reynolds, 2014 Witt Artist in Residence. (Systematic 3-axis CNC milling of vinyl records for use in runway)
  • Personal luminaire, ash, based on Seppo Koho design

Images courtesy of the author, TCAUPAKOAKI, STAMPS and MRacing Team. All rights reserved.

ARCH 537_Fabrication

A selection of student work from my sections taught since Fall 2015: 3-Axis CNC Routing of MDF and plywood, Water Jet cutting and spot welding/riveting of 24 gauge sheet metal, and Robot hot wire cutting of EPS foam.