Detroit Wilds

The citizens of Detroit face a crisis of water quality. Surface pollutants are collected from the expansive hardscapes throughout greater Detroit during rain events and are transported along with raw sewage to treatment centers along the Rouge River. This system is overworked and essentially overflows into the Detroit River. The implications for the natural ecosystem is detrimental to the health of flora, fauna and people. Numerous public and private environmental organizations from local to international influence have a vested interest in, and are committed to clean water futures. While often acting separately, this proposal imagines their efforts united towards new models of ecological production.

Delray is a space of decampment, infrastructure is failing and investment is virtually non-existent. Our proposal initiates landscape management as a remedial effort and sets in motion the aggregation of a new urbanism, the Detroit Wilds – catalyzed through expropriation and construction mobilization necessitated by the new International Bridge Crossing. 

Fall 2013 University of Michigan Networks studio in collaboration with Youyou Chen and Jordan Lutren, led by Associate Professor Geoffrey Thün. Studio participants/researchers: Daniel Tish, Krystal Lung, Laura-Anne Wong, Zac Potts, Ellen Duff, Weishi Wang and Jian Sun.